Alarm System Monitoring
Even Without A Landline

Most home security and alarm systems depend upon a landline phone connection to maintain communication with the monitoring station. This is normally effective, but what if a downed tree, construction, or a storm causes phone lines to go down? What if you only use your cell phone to communicate, and don't have a landline telephone in your home? Fortunately, ADT® has developed a state-of-the-art system to ensure contact with your monitoring center: CellGuard®.

With ADT® CellGuard® installed by Nightwatch Protection security experts, a cellular signal is used to communicate with the ADT® monitoring center instead of a landline telephone. Unlike other security systems, which are wholly dependent on a landline phone, ADT® CellGuard® ensures that you and your loved ones are protected even in the event of a lost phone connection.

In these days of cellular communication, many consumers opt not to pay for a landline telephone and rely solely on cell phones for communication. In the past, this dramatically limited the home security solutions available to these consumers, as the vast majority of security systems are dependent upon a landline phone to stay connected to the security monitoring center. Now, with ADT® CellGuard®, these consumers can enjoy the same peace of mind as consumers with a landline phone because their ADT® monitored home security system can be configured to work with cellular signals.

Your home and your family mean the world to you, and you take every measure possible to ensure their protection. With the ADT® CellGuard® feature from Nightwatch Protection you can rest assured that your property and your loved ones are safe, secure in the knowledge that ADT® is watching over them. For more information about CellGuard® and home security packages available through Nightwatch Protection, or to schedule a home security evaluation with a member of our team, we invite you to contact us today by filling out the form to the right or calling .

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